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Amazing Facts About Christianity You Probably Never Heard

Did you know the early Christians were called “atheists” by Romans because they didn’t pay tribute to pagan gods; it will also interest you to know that in 2010, the Catholic Church had an income of US$97 billion. Today we present you some amazing facts you’ve probably never heard

The Most Dangerous Female Criminals In The World

The Most Dangerous Female Criminals In The World

Gangs are some of the most intricate and deadly groups in the world, headed by malicious dictators who are violent, forceful, and ruthless. Although mobster men may come to mind when you think about anything gang related, women have proven to be just as dangerous.

9 Shocking Snake Bite Stories

8 Shocking Snake Bite Stories

The Toddler Who bit the Head of a Pit Viper and Killed it – A 1-year-old Brazilian boy saved himself from a potentially venomous snake by killing it with a bite of his own.